About Us

Thryyve is building a community around skills, learning, and jobs. This is the next generation job site for an internet savvy workforce. We match employers with qualified workers, find internships for those just entering an industry, and pair learners with the institutions that can help them get the jobs they’re looking for.

Anyone who has used other job sites before will be familiar with our core structure. Create a profile, upload your resumé, and let us know where you are from and what kind of work you are looking for. You can search for jobs in your area by keyword, job type, or a specific company, and if you choose to allow us, we’ll send along job postings we think you’re qualified for, or might be interested in pursuing. But what really sets us apart is our integration of video with user profiles.

Thryyve lets you upload video to better explain or demonstrate your unique qualifications. Chefs can upload footage of themselves preparing their best meal. Nail techs could use a video that showcases a great manicure. Musicians and music teachers can demonstrate their virtuosity, or their thorough understanding of theory. Maybe you can juggle, or solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. Whatever it is, if you think it can help you land your dream job — or just get to the next step in your varied career — add it to your profile to show your peers and potential employers what you’ve got!

Sometimes, your skills aren’t easy to demonstrate in a short video. Why not upload a video introducing yourself and touching on your experience? It’s a great way for businesses to get to know you, and it’s a fun supplement to a traditional resumé. Video resumés open up a world of possibilities. Just make sure you use the best take to really sell yourself and your talents!

Worried you’re not quite qualified for the job you want? That’s okay. We can help with that, too. Schools and educational institutions register their programs with us so we can pair them with people looking to advance their career paths. With Thryyve, you can browse schools and their programs, or look for a job you want and find out where you can learn the relevant skills right from the job page.

We also have contacts with all the best staffing agencies. If you need a job right now, or if you’re not sure what works for you and just want to try out a few different lines of work, we’ll pair you with an agency that can make use of your abilities.

At Thryyve, we’re breaking down the barriers to meaningful, fulfilling employment. It’s hard to get a good job, but we want to give you all the resources you need to get where you want to go. So, touch up your resumé and pull out your selfie stick, you’ve got work to do!.......